Friday, March 09, 2012

Hey Jon Stewart! This is what happens when ...

Hey Jon Stewart! "Politics getting in the way of women's healthcare" is what happens when a good (anything that people want) is not allowed to be freely traded: it becomes politicized. Nuts like RL come out of the woodwork and put a political spin on everything, especially politically controversial topics like contraception and extramarital sex. The closer we get to full implementation of the Obama healthcare reform, the louder and more frequent the bull ... oney about who has to provide what for whom will become. I know it is great material for political satire but it threatens to further polarize public discourse. A better solution is to back out of the Obama reforms and go right to the heart of the problem, the skewed incentives of HCPs (treat and treat and treat instead of make well) and insurers (deny coverage instead of being bonded to make rational decisions). If only you had read the copy of Fubarnomics I sent you shortly after it came out in 2010 you could be more of an agent for positive, lasting change in this increasingly troubled nation.

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