Monday, April 23, 2018

Legalizing Mary Jane and Freedom

Many people across this great (again?) land are finally joining the pot legalization bandwagon. I like the groundswell though I have never touched the stuff myself and hope never to do so. I wish, however, that more people could extrapolate from marijuana to ... LIFE.

Why did we ever let the government tell us what we can legally put into our own bodies in the first place? Are we a free people or not? If X's actions endanger no one except X (and maybe not even X him or herself) what business is it of anyone else's? Americans should be free to smoke pot, take experimental medications, change their genders, work for any sum of money they can negotiate (including volunteering), and pay whatever rent or interest rate they think fit, so long as they aren't hurting anyone else in the process. (Yeah, abortion gets a bit tricky so I won't discuss it here.)

Oh, you say, but the people who do Y need more assistance from Public Program Z. That may or may not be (they might cost Medicaid more but never collect Social Security, for example) but did you ever think that maybe Public Program Z shouldn't exist in the first place? Cardi B wants to know where her taxes are going. The short answer is ... the Upside Down, the Sunken Place, the Onion's bottomless money pit ... doing things that most Americans don't want done at all, or wouldn't want done if they would simply think about their negative effects on the economy and our individual freedoms.

So I won't thank Trump for reducing taxes, but I will thank him when he cuts total federal expenditures by getting rid of wasteful stuff, like the enforcement of federal marijuana laws.