Friday, October 19, 2012

On Guest Posts, Infographics, Brown Nosing Emails, and Mutually Beneficial Projects

For some reason, I receive each month a couple of requests from bloggers to make guest posts on my blog. I'm happy to consider such posts, and have done one or two in the past, but they must follow the three As: ACCURATE, ASTUTE, and ANALYTICAL. In other words, no pop history and no lists like "X Reasons You Should Do Y" or whatever. There are plenty of other blogs that do that sort of thing.

I also get emails from people who want me to post or link to their "infographics." They tend to be quite sharp looking pics but some fail all three A criteria specified above and I have yet to see one that was sufficiently analytical. Again, there are plenty of blogs out there that post infographics.

And please do NOT send me emails claiming that you have read my blog with interest, etc. and then display the utmost ignorance about its actual content.

But rest assured I'll happily trade with anyone who offers a mutually beneficial proposal.