Friday, January 29, 2016

Have You Stopped Beating Your Wife, Answer Yes or No; Or, What About Those of Us Who Don't Want Any of the Presidential Candidates?

Did you know that the Iowa caucus, the New Hampshire primaries, etc. are not in the Constitution? That isn't to say that they are un-Constitutional, just that they are not mandated by the supreme law of the land. In other words, we can change the system whereby presidential candidates are selected and, in fact, have done so several times throughout the nation's history. Perhaps it is time to do so again, to make it even more "democratic." While the current system allows for more popular choice than previous ones, which were controlled by party stalwarts from start to finish, it is far shy of the goal of government "by the people" if said people can only choose between Frick and Frack, Flack and Whack, Loser and Schmoozer.

In short, I think we should hold an election right away to ascertain if at least half of the electorate thinks that any of the current slate of major candidates is acceptable. If not, then the two major parties should have to start over from scratch with new candidates. 'Cuz right now, we are essentially being asked if we have stopped beating our spouses, answer yes or no. Either way, we're screwed.