Monday, May 09, 2011

My Latest Doings

Been very busy of late promoting my new book, with the Wall Street Journal's Simon Constable, on 50 "musty" economic indicators. The book briefly hit number 94 on Amazon's overall list and #1 on the economics, personal finance, and investments lists before slacking off somewhat.

Among other activities, I've done several radio interviews, most with Simon but one solo that you can listen to here.

I also penned (well, keyboarded) an op-ed that the major newspapers were too cowardly to run, "Original Intent and the Debt Ceiling," that argues that it is unconstitutional for the U.S. government to deliberately default on the national debt. Of course I sent it out the same week as the orgy over the OBL story took place so it may simply have been too wonky for the times. Maybe I should have gone "smexier" and called the piece "Why Killing OBL Isn't Going to Save Us." But I'm kind of old school and believe that if a person or organization isn't smart enough to see the crucial importance of a topic without putting makeup on it, I can safely "forget" them all.

Finally, I have posted a paper on the history of bank governance on the Social Science Research Network. It's free.

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