Sunday, September 21, 2008

Alexander Hamilton Was Wright

Yes, the Wall Street Journal correctly reported yesterday (September 20, A3 "Government Bailouts: A U.S. Tradition Dating to Hamilton") that I named one of my sons Alexander Hamilton Was Wright. I just couldn't resist the play on my last name, which sounds like "right" (correct) but actually means "maker" (as in wheelwright, cartwright, etc.) . So, yes, Hamilton was both correct and one of America's makers. For details, see Financial Founding Fathers (with David J. Cowen), The First Wall Street, and, of course, One Nation Under Debt. (Hamilton Unbound, by contrast, is actually a Hamiltonian interpretation of early U.S. history rather than a biography. It's a pun too.)

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Laurie Wolfe said...

Alexander Hamilton Was Wright must be very popular now, with the popularity of Hamilton the musical.